Panda Kids offers wide assortment for you and your children aged 0 to 14 years. Assortment includes clothes, shoe, pram, cot, car seat, toys, newborn wrap, “all for hospital discharge and many other things. “Panda Kids” differs with its original design and organization of retail space creating nice and relaxed atmosphere.

Opening of the first store “Panda Kids” was held on October, 2011 in the 8th micro district, Baku. Due to wide range of choice and attentive, smiling personnel, the store gained hearts of parents and their children in a short period of time. Taking into consideration the preferences of our customers, the opening of the second store was held in the busy district of Baku, near G.Garayev subway exit. The second store repeated the success of the first one and was warmly greeted by our customers as well. As a consequence, the management of “Panda Kids” decided to open the largest child store “Panda Kids” near N. Narimanov subway exit. 

Every day we are working at improvement of our stores with a view to provide the best customer reception and service, listen carefully to preferences of parents and their children. The assortment increases every time for the convenience of customers. You can find everything you need in our stores. You don’t need to look around the city any more. All - in Panda Kids”!